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TORNADO High-Performance Blender

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If you are looking for a professional-grade blender with massive power, made from high-quality materials and components, outstanding personal customer service, a generous warranty - and all that at a reasonable price - you have come to the right place.    

We proudly present to you: The TORNADO High-Performance Blender.


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Our TORNADO easily compares to the market-leading high-performance blenders made by Vitamix® . And it blows away all these low-end blenders, which claim they can do what only the best ones can. 

This blender was developed & designed with a true passion for blending, juicing and a healthy lifestyle in general. And we are 100% convinced that you will love this machine just as much as we do.  

Developing this blender took us more than 3 years. This may seem like a long time, and you are right! Our goal was to create a 'perfect' blender, as we would not accept any flaws or design-issues that we have come across on all the other blenders on the market.  

We love this machine, and we truly hope that you will join our passion!  

Below, you will find a page from the Owner's Manual which will give you an overview of the specifications of our blender.

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The TORNADO is operated over a digital Control Panel. There are 2 different speed settings: LOW (20,000 RPM) and HIGH (30,000 RPM). 

The TIMER function allows you to set the machine so that it automatically stops after your desired blending-time. You can adjust the time or stop the motor at any time while the machine is running. 

The PULSE function gives you complete control over your blend. The motor starts and runs as long as you press the button. Releasing the button stops the motor. A unique feature of this button is the 'Soft-Start': The motor gently revs up, but will ultimately reach HIGH speed. 

There is also a pre-set automatic program which can be activated with the 'AUTO' button. This program allows you to operate the machine with a single push of a button. The program was designed to be a perfect mix of blending-time and speed to meet the needs for the most common applications. 5 seconds of LOW speed are followed by 120 seconds of HIGH speed, followed by 10 seconds of LOW speed. The program automatically ends at that time. 

The container is made of BPA-FREE TRITAN™. This co-polyester is used by the majority of the marked-leading blenders - Vitamix® uses it for their containers as well. It is lightweight, shatterproof and nearly indestructible. 

The blade is made of hardened stainless-steel. The blade-assembly is equipped with two superior high-quality bearings. These bearings are double-sealed for the longest possible lifetime. The blade-assembly is designed to remain installed at all times. There is no need to remove the blade for cleaning. 

The lid consists of two parts. The removable lid-plug allows you to add ingredients while the machine is running. 

The motor is as powerful as it gets with a regular household power-outlet. The 1800 Watts and 15 Amps exceed even the most expensive blenders on the market. The motor base is designed to achieve optimal cooling of the motor and all other components. This guarantees the best possible performance and a longer lifetime.

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Our TORNADO is equipped with state of the art safety features. Its Automatic Overload Protection is designed to protect the motor and other key components from overheating.  If triggered, this feature shuts off the blender immediately to protect it from any possible damage.  

We equipped our blender with only high-quality parts made from the best materials - and thoughtfully designed a very sturdy and solid machine, in order to reduce noise and vibration as much as possible. 

Our TORNADO is just as versatile as the marked-leading blenders – and the possibilities are endless: 

  • Whole Food Juicing
  • Blending
  • Preparing various types of nut milk and nut butters
  • Dry/Wet Chopping
  • Preparing Frozen Treats
  • Cooking Soups and so much more... 
    Our TORNADO comes with a 2-Year Full Warranty. This is a true and honest Warranty – and it even includes the shipping costs both ways if your machine needs to be serviced in our facility. 
    You have the option to purchase an additional 2 years of Warranty (total of 4 years). 
    Please see the Warranty Certificate below.
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    We strongly encourage you to watch some of our videos about this machine – you will get an honest, real-life impression about what our TORNADO is capable of.


    My 2 cents:     Thank you very much for your interest in our TORNADO! I would like to share a short story with you – the story about how I became passionate about blending, and why I developed this blender. 

    It all started a few years ago. I had just moved to the United States from Germany, and a friend of mine took me to a Costco® in Los Angeles.  While walking through the store, we came across a crowd of people. They were watching a Vitamix® sales-presentation.

    I had been using a basic blender for a few years, and I didn't even know that powerful blenders like that existed. I was completely blown away by what this thing could do. It could not only make shakes (I thought that was the only thing blenders were there for), but also ice-cream and even hot soups. My jaw dropped several times, and I honestly couldn't believe it!   

    But then it happened! The crowd cleared and I saw the price tag! That thing was almost 500 bucks! And my jaw dropped even harder! It was completely incomprehensible how anyone would spend so much money for a blender! I really really wanted one, but then my brain took over and made me walk away. 

    Over the next 2 years I bought several of the cheaper blenders that cost anywhere between $75 and $200. But they all sucked and none of them came even close to what I had seen in that sales-presentation. 

    That was around the same time when I moved to Las Vegas. One of my new neighbors happened to be a Vitamix® sales person. He hooked me up and I was able to buy one directly from him. It was amazing and it changed everything!

    It was in the following months when the idea was born:  I knew that a blender like this can change people's lives! It could help them eat and live healthier!

    But a lot of people would simply never be able to afford a blender that costs that much. Or maybe they could afford it, but would have the same reaction that I had back then at Costco®.

    So I decided to create a high-quality machine that can do everything the great ones can – and that is also reasonably priced and affordable for almost everybody! 

    More than 3 years of hard work have passed since then, and I'm truly proud that the final product turned out the way that it did.

    I love this machine and I'm passionate about helping people change and improve their health and their lives!  

    I truly hope that our TORNADO will play a big role in your family's daily life from now on going forward. 

    Best wishes,  Ingo

    This product ships for free via FedEx Home Delivery or USPS Priority Mail.


    What you get with this purchase:

    1 complete blender, including: 1 motor base, 1 container, 1 lid, 1 tamper, 1 Owner's Manual in both English and Spanish and a 2-Year Full Warranty Certificate






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